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Emma + Brendan

This is another opportunity I have been very blessed with. I had to pleasure of capturing the beautiful wedding day of these two. They are great people who love the Lord and their families are just as pleasant. It was a gorgeous location on the beach in Longboat Key, Florida. The ceremony finished right as the sun was starting to lower, which made for some really cool warm shots of the bride and groom. This was my third completed wedding and i can feel myself growing and adding new facets of design each time. I am excited to continue to grow in this area of filmmaking over this next wedding season.

This dumb virus has started to effect my business, locally, as well as having to already reschedule three weddings for another time this year or even next. I have remained hopeful and I am choosing to continue to trust in God. I know my business will be pushed back after this and I will have to put in more work in order to get myself back in the stage I want to be at.


This was my first wedding using my new set up as well as using manual focus only. Definitely could have done better, but I still got some cool shots.


Rode mic

Meike 25mm


Olympusc 40-150

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