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I had a great opportunity to shoot some promo work for a local fitness studio. It was and awesome experience and an important one too. The owner approached me about doing a minute long video that captured the community they have at the studio, each class ( barre,boxing,bounce) and the intensity of the classes. I found inspiration from a youtube video I found of a large fitness studio (clearly a very high level production) . It was very similar to what The Glo offers and represents. I did my best to make a very budget friendly version of this video with my own twists added on. We set up a day to meet at the studio and have it fully dedicated to filming. The community aspect of the business really showed itself when around 20 women came in and volunteered their time to be apart of this and help out. I brought along my wife who helped me set up some very budget friendly lighting as well as capture my bts. Also I was nervous and I knew having her there would really keep me calm and help me focus. After about an hour and a half of filming i was done, took me about a week to edit and I, as well as the owner were very satisfied with the finished product. I feel my self growing a lot with each piece I work on. I learned a lot about directing, lighting, as well as some sound design for this video. All of those could have been better, but overall very satisfied with how it turned out. It was also a reminder of why I love doing this so much because i was able to meet a lot of really great people and make some new connections.


Camera: Panasonic GH5

Lens: Meike 25mm t2.2

Other: Rode mic-stabalizer-work light with homemade gels

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