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This video means the most of any i have ever been a part of. UNTOLD stories is an idea that myself and roommates came up with in college about starting a non-profit docu-series telling stories of average (in society eyes) people. We have discovered throughout our time in college as well as being involved with soccer, meeting people from all over the world, that everyone has a story to tell, all different, all powerful. We wanted to help share these stories. It was all inspired by our good friend we met on the soccer team in college who had this insane story about how he went from Cameroon to the U.S. It was a story so powerful that everyone deserved to hear it, he is incredibly talented, humble,down to earth, and cool. He was the perfect first story to share. We had this idea but had no real video experience, I had always been fascinated by film-making up to this point but no experience. Thankfully, I met someone in college(Michael Maiocco), incredible guy through and through, God fearing and unbelievably talented. I reached out to him and told him our idea and he jumped on board. Again he is insanely talented, he brought our idea to life and then some. The video picked up a good amount of deserved attention and even brought attention from Tv producers who were interested in making the idea into a show. Unfortunately it all was happening at a time where we were getting ready to graduate, and we ended up going our separate ways. This process lit the fire inside of me to make films, and led me to witnessing Michael's insane talents and love for God which inspired me. Because of this process I love to make video and honor God through them. UNTOLD is still something that I feel is part of my purpose and i am working on my skills daily so i can pursue these stories once more.

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